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Pepys boasts to the Young Buck The Young Buck gets the girl, Pepys is downcast

The Young Bucks get all the girls – does experience count for nothing?

— Dear Chiffinch,

I’m considered a most accomplished man, viagra sale having risen to a very senior position in Charles the King’s Admiralty. Aside from this I’m considered a cultured man; knowledgeable of books, viagra sale music, the theatre, and sciences.

The trouble is, I can’t help but feel that I’m not getting all the rewards of my position. In short, those YOUNG BUCKS seem to get ALL the beautiful girls at Court. I’m forced to take my pleasures with my wife’s maid!

Is youth the only virtue of value these days?

— Yours, Samuel Pepys
— Dear, Samuel Pepys

I’m afraid it takes more than just wealth and status to succeed in high society these days. The King has learnt much from his time in exile in his cousin Louis XIV’s French Court: the most desirable attribute of all is elegance. Most English men don’t possess this naturally of course, so here are my top tips for the man at Court

Dress in the latest fashion of a formal suit: a coat and waistcoat to the knees elaborately decorated with braid and embroideries in coloured silks or gold and silver gilt threads, worn with breeches and a linen shirt with lace at the collars and cuffs, a lace cravat, a hat and a sword.

Display impeccable manners: bow or curtsey graciously to other courtiers you meet; when at Court, do not sit down in the royal presence unless invited; do not wear a hat when the King was in the room; never place yourself before someone of superior rank. Finally, of the King ever acknowledges you, never leave the room by turning your back: instead, make three low bows and then walk backwards, facing the sovereign.

Engage in Eloquent conversation, but always avoid excessive speech (maybe you could talk of the latest plays you have seen, or wonders from the Royal Society)

And finally... Dance with grace

The very best of luck my friend, I hope you reap all the rewards of these times and your position!

— Yours, Chiffinch

What was the outcome?

In his diaries, Pepys is clear on the value of dressing finely:

‘I must go handsomely whatever it costs me; and the charge will be made up in the fruits it brings’.

Such sentiments are also echoed in the satire of the day; according to the satirical writer of News from Covent Garden: Or the Town-Gallants Vindication of 1675, gentlemen were required to know:

All the accomplishments that are required to build up a man of worth, to be acquainted with the means, and exactest garbs, the most fashionable expressions, the winning addresses, and all the finenesses of language doubled perfum’d: ...

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